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Plastic Surgeons of Singapore

Postby Eyes & Ears OPEN » Wed, 15 Dec 2004 6:48 pm

A lot of observerences, gripes,commendations and a lot of info on this particualr section--plastic surgery.
What bugs me is that surgeons here do not validate nor respect a prospective patients concerns, or give enough info about the procedure, or more so the before and after pictures of the various surgeries performed by them, also they do not answer questions like 'what if the end result is not what it should have been? who . how will it be rectified and who will bear the expenses or what are the malpractice laws applicapble here/
Thoise days of I know best I am a doctor/ specialist and I am U know who!1 So do not dare to question me I know everything blah blah They do not realize ( MOST OF THEM) that We the ones who are their bread and butter need to know and need to know the answers as close as truth as possible and that being defensive is not going to help...

[B] have found 2 doctors who have been UPFRONT and opened up totally and both use a low profile, yet they are excellent.
When one calls them the staff nurses answer that is fine some are very informative and helpful some from the start reek that all they want is the 100 bucks consultation and then one knows what the dr. must be like!

Anyway I am really surprised that so many of you have had such awful experiences..How this has happened I wonder because Singpore is a very straightforward country that does not support such practices. Yes they may have certain rigid rules but having any doctors who have no ethetics I am scared to envisage..

Maybe if those who have had bad experiences can appraoch the Singapore Medical council, I am sure they would help as I am positive that Singapore Govt. will never ever let their reputation suffer.. I have full faith in them. TRY it guys you never know Complain about those who have taken your money let them be hauled up let them be responsible and be accountable.

naming names on an open buletin board can have its repuccssions and one can be sued for liable and defamation( yes U may have a genine grievence) but this is not the way to go about addressing your problems.
Thanks [/B]

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