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Re: Water thistle

Post by JR8 » Wed, 24 Oct 2012 4:24 pm

x9200 wrote: As at this point you were not really sure what is the thing to be installed

Que? SMS posted a link/pic above.

and knowing you are a LL elsewhere I admire your courage and openness towards the tenants.

My landlording has been described a few ways, but never like that :-)

Does this stop with exchanging the water pipes in the walls or you have also no reservation even in such cases? :)

I had a tenant once who proposed building a stud partition wall to form an additional bedroom. Thankfully such people are rare!

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Post by offshoreoildude » Thu, 25 Oct 2012 9:18 am

Strong Eagle wrote:
offshoreoildude wrote:Guys settle down! The biggest restriction is the line size in your apt. and water meter - the main piping in the riser just outside my door (which is 1") goes straight into a tiny 1/2" meter and pipework. There is a faucet on the main riser - if you open it - it's like niagra - not like my shower!

My question is; can I buy a water pump like the Indians use that 'suck' water out of the main supply to increase the water pressure in the house or shower? (and where would it go!).
If Singapore is like most plumbing codes, it would be illegal to directly apply suction to an incoming main. You would need a break... like water pouring into a tub that can then be pumped to your heart's content.

You might investigate a bit closer around your water meter. I believe it is also a requirement that every unit in an apartment building or HDB must have a backflow preventer so that in case pressure were to go negative, water could not be sucked out of your flat.

These things fail from time to time, so that they don't open all the way when you turn on the water. I had this problem with my apartment in KL... finally went to a trickle before being replaced.
Yes I think it has one. I'll check my neighbors water pressure and if mine is a bit low call the PUB.
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