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Brit working for a HK company on medium term secondment

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Brit working for a HK company on medium term secondment

Post by crossy » Wed, 19 Sep 2012 2:20 pm

Hi Chaps.

UK passport holder, I'm employed by a Hong Kong company and currently live in Thailand.

I've been to Singapore a few times on visa free entries doing some short (3-4 weeks) consultancy jobs to a local company.

I now find that our client want me to stay much longer, several 2-3 month stints, still hotel accommodation, still paid out of HK. I'm 100% certain that continuing to arrive on visa free entries is going to attract attention so really need to do the right thing. The Singapore embassy website (in the UK) is confusing to say the least.

What visa type would be best? I want to minimise tax issues (I pay tax in HK) although paying local tax is not out of the question of course.

Thoughts anyone?

EDIT Mods please move this to the visas sub-forum, sorry :(

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