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Moving from India to Singapore - is IPA enough?

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Re: Moving from India to Singapore - is IPA enough?

Post by dell123 » Sat, 06 Jan 2018 2:28 pm

shadowShaman wrote:
revhappy wrote:
kgaurav wrote:Dear board members,

I'm moving to Singapore along with my wife from India.
I've got the IPA letters for my EP and my wife's DP. The text in both the IPA letters says: "This letter includes a pre-approved Single-Journey Entry Visa for entry into Singapore".

I want to confirm if these IPA letters are sufficient enough for our entry into Singapore (clearing both India and Singapore immigration). Or do i need to apply a short term visa separately.

IPAs include the visas, so you dont need to apply any visas nor do you need any return ticket. Just make sure that you have the whole IPA printed out without any pages missing. Take atleast 2 copies each and place one in your checkin luggage and one in you cabin luggage. Welcome to Singapore :)


I have the same query, that whether an IPA letter and a valid passport is enough to clear Indian Immigration. Though the answer has been posted earlier, but just want to confirm whether the same is valid in today's date also. Though polices, such as these, doesn't change all of a sudden, but this post is from 2012, so I just wanted to confirm.

Thanks in advance
Yes that's all is needed.

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