Recommendation for good breast plastic surgeon

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Recommendation for good breast plastic surgeon

Post by waricash » Tue, 11 Sep 2012 9:35 pm

Evening all - recently arrived from Australia and just settling into Sentosa. I am in need of a well recommended plastic surgeon who specialises in breast reconstruction following breast cancer - recently had to have ruptured implants (done after bilateral mastectomy) removed back in Perth with some complications - my surgeon back home has no contacts here but wants me to find a good specialist to keep an eye on things in case of more problems - I have seen on this forum that Dr. Andrew Khoo is highly recommended - any other feedback on this matter would be greatly appreciated - thanks Cathy

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Post by spykcu » Thu, 20 Sep 2012 3:18 pm

You're staying at Sentosa? If so, you shouldn't have a problem with Dr Wu.
Otherwise, Korea is a better choice.

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BA gone wrong

Post by ysp314 » Thu, 20 Dec 2012 12:04 am

Just did my BA today and am very disappointed with the results. It was done under muscle and through armpit as I didn't wanna damage breast tissue in case I wanna breast feed in future. However the result was quite horrible. I already knew it was a problem when I see the surgeon face after i woke up--he didn't look excited and said if I want revision he can do for free. I then asked for mirror and the boobs were inserted so high and unnatural that my nipples were pointing down below and there was no under bust--if u imagine like 2 lumps above where u expect the breast to be. I was devastated....even hubby commented that "they don't look like a real persons breasts" I don't think my bra size change at all--in face bcos of the funny shape now I don't know how to find bra to fit. Now I can never wear swimsuit, let alone bikini or low cut :( :( :( this is my biggest shock and regret, esp since I heard good reviews abt this doc. $11k all in, with optional sinnech and some electronic healing band so abt 11.5 in the end? Total $ down the drain and now breast damaged for life. If I take his revision option, he say have to open scar in another location, and maybe cannot under muscle. My question is, if he got no experience doing armpit entry under muscle why didn't he just say so??? This is no small sum of money and I feel so emotionally shattered now =....(

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