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Post by ecureilx » Thu, 13 Sep 2012 9:47 am

sundaymorningstaple wrote:I actually though that had been reduced to 10 years recently, but a search turned up nothing that I could quote! I do know that it was recently changed at some point this year. Don't remember if it was increased or decreased.
SMS: got it checked through my Maid Agency friend .... it is 10 years on WP ..

For MHB the best recourse is for her maid to remain on Main Permit ..

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Post by morenangpinay » Wed, 26 Sep 2012 4:31 pm

although i think their goal is to remain in Singapore. it might be good to inform the Filipino maids some information about their opportunities in Philippines if they do intend to go home so they are better informed of their choices.

Recently, there is a program from the Department of Agriculture in the Philippines for overseas Filipino workers. They are giving technical training and assistance for those who want to have an agriculture business (farming, animal raising,etc). They only need to contact their regional/local Agriculture office and they can avail of training, loan assistance, marketing, etc.

Aside from this, since I believe they are also members of OWWA. they are also entitled to some benefits like livelihood assistance (reintegration programs) which they can avail of while working here or when they return home. ... eId=672950

I don't think they know all these things ..

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