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Re: amazon books on kindle

Post by offshoreoildude » Mon, 27 Aug 2012 1:42 pm

zzm9980 wrote:
offshoreoildude wrote:If you buy and read a kindle book on the wifi kindle - you can refund it under 'manage my kindle' online if you do it within 48 hours AND you don't buy another book in the meantime.

Using a kindle in Singapore requires some finessing of course.
I don't think that's a loophole so much as fraud. You know, like the people who used to buy the priciest TV or laptop they possibly could at CostCo, and return it one day short of two-years for the 100% 'no reason' refund, and buy another one. Rinse and repeat every ~1.999 years.
I think Amazon are fully aware of this loophole. I do buy a lot of books and keep them in my kindle.

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