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jaw reduction at tokai clinic

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jaw reduction at tokai clinic

Post by boii18 » Thu, 09 Aug 2012 7:26 pm

Hi all,

I just did my jaw surgery at tokai clinic and its my day 2. I'm very swollen now but I believe dr pat did a good job.

He's very professional and is willing to listen to your needs and concerns. The anesthesiologist was also very professional and understanding. In fact, the removal of the endotracheal tube was not painful at all ( I cannot even remember it ).

Dr pat used an extra-oral approach to reduce width of my jaw and the angle of the mandible. This approach has been referenced in a korean journal : ... +%5BDPM%5D

At first you might be concerned about the 2 cm scar, but the scar is placed along RSTL ( relaxed skin tension line ) and is unlikely to be a problem. It should be inconspicuous and dr pat says that his stitching is very fine and shouldnt be a problem.

I could start eating immediately after surgery and there was little pain involved. I think I was given fentanyl to reduce the post-op pain and some NSAID ( arcoxib? ) .

But jaw reduction surgery is a very involved process. Sometimes when I wear the compression garment, there is some pain which is reduced by using Paracetamol tablets ( Tylenol )

The nurses are very kind and attentive. I was given fruits, two meals before my flight back to singapore the next day. They are very meticulous and kind.

Initially i was very apprehensive, but dr pat mentioned that using extra-oral approach eliminates the risk of death ( e.g. the china case where a young lady died from the surgery becuase intra-oral was used and there was a bleeder that complicated her respiration) . Dr pat does use intra-oral approach ( he did it with my cousin ) but maybe my case was more complicated and it was more precise and better visualisation of operative field if extra-oral was used.

All in all I will recommend dr pat of tokai clinic for this surgery. Cant wait to see my results!

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Post by madaboutplastic » Thu, 06 Sep 2012 12:37 pm

can show pictures?

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