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Post by bc85 » Wed, 10 Oct 2012 9:51 am

Mi Amigo wrote:
bc85 wrote:Hi Laybenet,

Are you still relocating to Singapore? If you are, I can recommend a company to you but i am unable to reveal it here as it is against the forum rules. I am also unable to PM you also as I am a new user.

Maybe you can provide me your email here and I will drop you an email privately?

Thank you. :D
You are perfectly entitled to recommend a company here, if they provided you with a service that you were happy with and you want to share that information. Many of us have made similar recommendations over the years.

However, if you work for that company, or would otherwise benefit from them gaining business, then that would indeed be against the forum rules. Perhaps you could clarify which applies in your case?
Dear Mi Amigo,

Sorry for the late reply as i was unable to log in previously.

Yes, indeed, i do work for the company which is why I could not reveal the company here as I know it is against the forum regulations after being banned previously.

Nevertheless, I have already signed up for an advertisement package which will advertise my company's services in the sticky thread.

Hopefully, those who are relocationg to Singapore or back to their home country are able to take a look in the sticky thread and contact me should they require my services.

Once again, I apologise if I have offended anyone with my previous posting.

Thank you.

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Post by scarbowl » Wed, 10 Oct 2012 5:10 pm

Laybenet wrote:Thanks for the reply. We decided to buy everything once we get to Singapore. Only taking what the wife considers 'critical' things for the kids.

The one biggest stress I have is finding primary school for my daughter. We plan on being in Singapore Dec 2...hopefully in time to place her in a public school in January... Any feedback on that?
You need an orientation to Singapore public schools which you can find in the archives. It isn't like moving to a new state in the USA and enrolling in the public schools. Foreigners have last choice, there is no "neighborhood school" for you, etc.

You can also find the debates about Singapore schools versus International Schools in the archives. The biggest consideration might be how long you expect to be here and the hurdle of adjusting to US schools on the return to the USA.

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