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International or Local School ?

Interested to get your child into a local Primary School? Discuss the opportunities here.
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International or Local School ?

Post by fatmouse76 » Thu, 02 Aug 2012 11:17 am

Hi all, my child is currently in local school, as is having a problem with the Mother Tongue language,unfortunately my MT is not English. Mother Tongue is very important as its part of the syllabus & curriculum. I am at my wits end as I have engaged tutors but then my boy just doesnt want to study the language.When we speak to him at home ,he replies to us in English. His teachers have told me that if I dont improve his MT, he will not be able to pass PSLE.On top of that when he brings home his science worksheets I am not being able to assist him. Although my answers are right ,his teacher marks him wrong as she says that its not being answered in the way they want it to be.

I am thinking of shifting him to a International School. Parents please advise, do your kids enjoy themselves in their schools rather than be bookworms ? I dont want my child to be stressed.

Also what do kids in International school learn in Grade 3 ? How are kids brought up in International Schools ? In local schools, there are many rules & regulations at Primary level,hence kids are better behaved in school. I am thinking of enrolling them in Marlborough Malaysia, but my husband feels that its better to put them in International Schools in Singapore itself,m but the fees are so high.

Please advise.

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Post by scarbowl » Fri, 03 Aug 2012 5:15 pm

Just a note that Marlborough is just under $26,000 SGD. Not significantly less than International Schools in Singapore. And even more if you plan to board.

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