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S Pass Renewal

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S Pass Renewal

Postby Su1 » Sat, 30 Jun 2012 4:32 pm

Hi Everyone,
I want to get suggestion from you.
I m working in one client company as contracted employee supplied by employment agency.My contract is one year contract.My S Pass is will expire on Oct 2012.
Two days ago, the agency call me to cancel my S Pass because they renewed my SPass and MOM rejected the renewal.The reason is not enough quota limitation from the agency. They didn't give me any notice for the S Pass renewal. I just came to know this news 2 days ago. If i cancel my S Pass, I'll lose my current job. I want to know is if i do not cancel the pass , can i stay until the S Pass validity date? Can I claim any compensation from agency for not giving me any notice. In the contract , the agency will give two months notice for cancellation of contracts. What should I do ?
Please kindly help to reply me asap since I almost lost my job.
Your suggestion is greatly appreciated .

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Postby sundaymorningstaple » Sat, 30 Jun 2012 5:40 pm

If you are working for an agency, I feel sorry for you, first of all, as they are all mercenary.

Having said that, provided which your contract with them is still valid, e.g., the contracts covers the term of your S pass, then if they want you to leave early, they will need to pay you two months notice in lieu of notice. However, if you cancel without giving them two months notice then YOU have to pay them two months salary (not a good idea, I'm sure you will agree). Therefore, put the ball in their court. If their contract with the client has not finished then they have no reason for asking you to leave early. Let them give YOU notice of two months OR salary in lieu of notice (also let them know, if the try anything funny, that you will take it directly to MOM, who will then possibly black list them (not what any agency needs!).

The reason for the S pass renewal was because of the new Quota's and increase in Levies for S pass holder with effect 1 July 2012. They have a window for applying for renewals under the old guidelines and quotas for existing staff. However, the fact that the renewal was rejected, does not mean your S pass is not still valid. It's still good, with that agency, till October. There is no reason you cannot work till October. Don't let them shake you up with threats of them blacklisting you. You have already been rejected for renewal so you might as well make sure you don't get burned by the agency as well.


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