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Facing problem with House Agent

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Is the Agent right in deducting money when the owner does not have any problem to refund my deposit?

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Facing problem with House Agent

Post by user99 » Fri, 22 Jun 2012 9:50 am

Hi.....I rented HDB flat last July for 14 months + extendable to 2 years contract. I paid agent commision and 2 months deposit. I completed tenure of 11 months and currently wanted to move out due to personal reasons. I gave 1 and half month notice and requested owner to relive of the contract 2 months earlier. I consented the owner before making any decision. The owner agreed to pay the deposit on last day of moving out that is June 30. After the owner agreed she will return my deposit i confirmed the move out date. The owner brought in her agent for getting new tenant and they got a new tenant to occupy the house on July 1st. Now the Owner's agent is telling me she cant return the full deposit since i'm leaving early and she will have to deduct her agent commision for 14 months since my contract was 14 months + upto 2 years extendable and i'm staying here for 11 months.
I really dont understand.....after the owner agreed to fully refund since she already got a new tenant to fill in the occupancy without any rental loss for even a day, why the agent is creating problem that she cant refund me. I agreed to pay 2 months additional commision but not 14 months. Dont know how to proceed with this worry is what if she does not refund anything after i vacate the house.....this will be huge loss.

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Post by nakatago » Fri, 22 Jun 2012 10:20 am

What's in your tenancy agreement? If it's not there, then you can present an argument.
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Post by x9200 » Fri, 22 Jun 2012 10:33 am

IMO, If the owner agrees you should pay nothing extra. The only pitfall I could see here is if the contract to be changed (because you are changing defacto the contract) requires written amendments. If it does so you need to have it written and sign by the LL and yourself.
Besides, this is not the agent's business as (s)he is not here the party.

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