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Road trip KL to Penang

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Post by Mad Scientist » Thu, 21 Jun 2012 2:03 am

wanita001 wrote:
JR8 wrote:
the lynx wrote: Now you need to know that the drive along the coastal road after Tg Bungah towards Batu Ferringhi is a little bit tricky. One way road, winding, coastal (meaning one big wrong move, your car will either tumble off the road down the cliff to the sea or ram into oncoming vehicle. Pretty busy road, as it is one (the most commonly used) of the only three routes to Batu Ferringhi (aside from Balik Pulau and Mount Erskine direction).
Blimey Lynx you're posting like a SGn here, paranoid about anything that isn't a perfect 6 lane expressway hehe. I've driven this Penang coast-road several times. Yes it is a bit windy in parts, but otherwise nothing to report.

Donno what the OP is expecting, a donkey-trail or something...
Honestly, have no clue what to expect JR8 - too much paranoia been bombarded at me the minute I said we are driving to Malaysia, no kidding.

This is call Kiausism at its best. I have done SG to Penang on the same day. Left at 3 am arrive Penang at 8 then left 1 pm from Penang and back home at 7 pm in SG
I did that until my car odometer reach zero back in five years !!.
No sweat no big deal. If you are from Oz driving from Canberra to Sydney will be more challenging !!
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