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Your opinion is welcome

Post by RobSg » Tue, 19 Jun 2012 8:35 am

Hi all-
I'm at a crossroads in my life now, and welcome your opinion, whether it's what I like or not.

I'm a PR in Singapore and semi-retired. I still work at 65, but I think I do it because living in Singapore as an expat retiree really isn't advisable, and I've reached this conclusion in the last few months. When I'm not keeping busy with some sort of part-time employment, I just can't find activities of interest to occupy me. I frankly feel a little bored. However, as long as I have work to go to, it's possible to be contented, but staying home and keeping busy is tough at times.

I'm wrestled with the notion over the past year of retiring in nearby Malaysia in their MM2H program. I've been on a couple other Malaysian forums, and the enthusiasm its participants show is contagious. They love it, and I frankly like Malaysia everytime I have gone. The idea of having an inexpensive car and taking drives, initially renting a beautiful apartment for a fraction of the cost of a similar apartment in Singapore, and still being able to drive periodically to the Causeway and visiting friends in Singapore is enticing. I'd still probably rent a small place here or a room and even contine to work, but more seasonal than anything else.

Are there any expats here that have thought of the same? I'd be curious on what you think. I might add that one reason I sometimes want to return to the States is to use my Medicare, which allows anyone over 65 in the States to have medical coverage. I'm currently spending about US$4,200 per year on BUPA coverage.

I welcome your feedback. Thank you.


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Post by nakatago » Tue, 19 Jun 2012 9:49 am

While OP has asked this before ( ... ht=#320425 ), a lot can happen in three years. Anyway, previous thread referred to for context and help avoid duplication.
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