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The Subtle Art Of Handling Politics In Office

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The Subtle Art Of Handling Politics In Office

Postby Guest » Thu, 09 Dec 2004 3:49 pm

How to Handle Office Politics

"The trick is to get never defeated, but is to play to win."

Office Politics is generally a positive force in an organization. If we are unable to handle the stress of Office Politics our stay in the corporate world would be very short lived. Some may believe that it is the shortest route to climb up the ladder. But it is not so, as long as it create a positive environment in the office so as to maximize job satisfaction and minimize stress.

Office politics is nothing but building relations with your colleagues so that work goes on smoothly. One should be in a position to use office politics to ones best advantage. Be sensitive to the political environment around you. If it takes a wrong path it could lead to degenerating the office environment with each employee trying to increase their personal power at the expense of other one.

Ways to optimize office politics to the best of your advantage

Pull people towards your ideas and then push your ideas through them. Because it's not the best idea that wins but it is the best packaged idea that wins. Politics is an art of accomplishing things within an organization. Nobody exists in an environment where everybody agrees. Therefore always try to blend your goals with the goals of the people you want on your side.

To avoid office politics taking a degenerating path, communicate everything . Organization should have great deal of transparency in all its transactions because secrets make organizations sick. There should be open communication about matters pertaining to promotions, new plans, change etc.

Treat others the way you would like to be treated in order to achieve the objective of office politics i.e. things run smoothly at work. Do not take people for granted. Treat everyone with the respect they deserve.

Learn to say "NO" tactfully. To avoid irritating and unnecessary request from your boss, learn to say that you would love to do the task but since you are so preoccupied with work it would not be possible for you to do the task.

Rewards must be gained and not received for doing favors. The organization should have an effective tool to measure each employee's performance. Because employees generally complain about a lot of office politics in the company and refer most promotion decisions as unfair and irrational. At times political decisions encourage hypocrisy, secrecy, deal making, rumors, self-interests, image-building and self-promotion activities.

Do not jump to conclusions. In office, the person who may seem to be your immediate enemy may turn out to be your friend.

Therefore in order to use office politics as a positive force in an organization learn to listen to everything being said without getting too emotional or losing your temper. Pump as much as accurate information into the system. Because if the flow of information is correct, people tend to be less suspicious about any on going activity in the organization.

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