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Applying for PEP. Can DP on it work in SG?

Posted: Sat, 09 Jun 2012 2:58 pm
by butterdogpoppy
Hi all

I have been in SG for over 2 years (EP 2) and earned more than SGD 34k. And my wife is holding the Dependent Pass on my EP.

I plan to apply for PEP.

1. My existing EP2 will only get invalidated once my PEP is approved. Correct?

2. While applying for PEP, I will also apply for the Dependent Pass of PEP for my wife. Just wonder if this Dependent Pass on PEP enjoy the same privilege like the Dependent Pass on EP in getting a job?

3. What is the duration to get PEP approved?

Wish you all have a good weekend and thanks for reading and answering.

Posted: Sun, 10 Jun 2012 2:52 pm
by zzm9980
1) Actually, once your PEP is approved (and you have your in-principal approval) you will have to have your company cancel your EP. They can do it online right before you schedule an appointment with MOM for the PEP. Your HR should be familiar.

2) Same thing. New expiration date.

3) Varies. Recently seems to be around 5-10 business days for those who get approved the quickest.