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Any product to heal red scar on face?

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Any product to heal red scar on face?

Post by boyzzz » Thu, 09 Dec 2004 9:42 am

I s there any product that can be found in singapore that can heal red scar on face?


Post by Guest » Thu, 09 Dec 2004 2:37 pm

guardian pharmacy sells a brand range of products good for sensitive skin. brand name starting with "A......".

it has its own full length shelf in the store, not together with those common shelves selling the usual items.

check it out if you want. or maybe just buy a sample to try and see? up to you.

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Post by MyStIqU3 » Mon, 20 Dec 2004 5:54 pm

Brand name starting with "A..."?

Ermz.....could you be more specific?
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Post by thesaripartygirl » Thu, 23 Dec 2004 5:06 am

Seriously that depends what red scar you are talking about~ A pimple blemish or a cut? If its the former, i suggest you to use a mild product and a sunblock like Loreal whitening range spf 50+~ It works so good on me. I have also heard a lot about maple clinic at Tampines. Many people reported going there to treat their face. Not sure bout the addy, but you can google search it.


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Post by hambone » Mon, 03 Jan 2005 5:28 am

Hello boyzz,
maybe you try out 'ACTIVA' condolisa scar heal?? My aunt used it for her burns, it works really well.


Post by hambone » Mon, 03 Jan 2005 5:32 am

Just saw a thread further down the list on the scar heal, according to them it didn't work...?? Maybe you want to find out from them since they have the first hand experience. Incidentally, what kind of scar are we talking about here?

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Post by n-g-lia » Wed, 05 Jan 2005 9:19 am

if its juz a redness swell from pimples .. juz go get some aspirin and melt it with a bit of water ... turn glue like, apply on face or swell. ..

for more information on DIY aspirin mask , you can search on net.

actually, ... its cheap and effective

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