mobile broadband v data plan vas/addon (for siriusxm app)

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mobile broadband v data plan vas/addon (for siriusxm app)

Post by taxico » Fri, 08 Jun 2012 7:08 pm

my wife got me a singtel "broadband on mobile" subscription some time ago... i think a year ago.

it costs $12.10 for 30GB of data on a 2 mbps connection (special unlisted subscription from singtel that my wife wrangled out of the staff)

i plugged the sim card into her old iphone (which i commandeered) to stream my siriusxm subscription daily.

my contract expires early next month and i read a few days ago that singtel is decreasing the bundled data as of july 1st with the launch of their 4G service.

looking at the news clipping, it seems this is for the flexi plans only (lite / value / plus / premium)...

as the plans listed are voice + data plans, does that mean the new lower cap for all the other plans are not affected? (eg, the 3G service i'm using now)

because my plan has the phrase "PROMO RATE" listed in brackets, i assume i may not get to renew that plan again...

Q1. if anybody knows if the cap is for 4G voice + data plans only or is it for all data plans (whether 3G or 4G or standalone or as an add-on/VAS)?

it seems all the new data plans and add-ons have a much lower bundled data... and the plans with 30GB data are much much pricier...

i blow through about 14-15GB of data every month streaming the siriusxm app on my iphone. i don't use it for phone calls or text messages... i don't think the iphone supports 4G either so it doesn't matter to me.

Q2. if anybody can recommend a plan that exists but is not advertised, i would much appreciate it.

failing which... what are the more "value for money" plans available now? it does not seem cheaper to bundle voice and data together on one plan.

i need siriusxm and i'd be willing to cut back on the data use but not to 1-3GB... probably 10-12GB.

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