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singapore pr and divorced ( need urgent help...)

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singapore pr and divorced ( need urgent help...)

Post by xanquotic » Thu, 07 Jun 2012 3:55 am

Hi everyone, I need serious help right now as I'm confused. Had been crying non-stop since I was told about the divorce of my parents. Here's my background informations:

I'm a student (17) and this is regarding my parents. My mum is a Singapore PR and my dad is a Singapore citizen. They have been married for 18 years and had 3 kids ( including me ) but however, my dad refused to grant my mum a sg citizenship. Earlier this year, my parents filed for a divorce and at that point of time, they are still considered married as they are undergoing some sort of agreement, and finally, my dad went to sign the sg citizenship for my mum.

However recently, the divorce certificate have been issued and until now, there's no news regarding the sg citizenship. I've tried calling ica and they told me the processing tiime is 6 months to a year or so. Is it really that long? My dad has all our custody, leaving my mum with none for some crude reason he had given... I was told by him that my mum will be sent back to her country as there is no more sponsor for her. I'm really afraid, I don't want to lose my mum... She is very sad too, as she had worked so hard and yet, she didn't get what she wanted...

May I know if my mum's PR will be revoked, and if her application for citizenship fail? Can I sponsor for her? I've been searching for resources all over the net but I get the assurance I needed. I wanted to look for ica but I'm afraid of messiing things up as I'm still a teenager. Please people, the most important information I need is wherethe her pr will be revoked, as I don't same her to leave... Please help me.. )':

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Post by JustMyself » Fri, 08 Jun 2012 11:39 am

I don't know what effect your parents' divorce will have your mother's citizenship application since your father will no longer be eligible to sponsor her. PR status cannot be taken away from her, however, if her PR is based on her marriage to your father, then she may not be able to renew her re-entry permit in the future. That would mean she would not be able to leave Singapore without losing her PR status once the re-entry permit expires. However, even if her re-entry permit expires, as long as she stays in Singapore she will keep her PR status. Even if all else fails she will be eligible for a long-term visit pass as long as you and your siblings are students here in Singapore. The link for that information is here: ... pageid=376

So basically your father cannot force your mother to leave the country even if he might want to.

A place that your mom can look for support and perhaps direction to decent legal advice (which she doesn't seem to have gotten up to now) is an organization called AWARE. She may not meet the income requirements for some of the services, since part of the focus is on assisting low-income individuals, but at the very least she could find someone to talk to.

Good luck to you and your mom in finding solutions.
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