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la la


Post by la la » Wed, 08 Dec 2004 11:33 pm

hey! anyone using/used cleverwhite before?? can tell me whether the foam tray is supposed to stretch from one end of the teeth to the other end?? cos its seriously not long enough lei... oh ya.. and do u like spread the gel evenly first before using??


Post by Guest » Mon, 10 Jan 2005 10:13 pm

Hi La La

I have tried other products but they do not work for me. I was about to use the professional tray system by dentist before my dentist recommended CleverWhite to me.

I completed the 5 day treatment and is happy with the results.

He had earlier told me that CleverWhite adopt a similar concept to that used by professional dentist which cost $500 upwards, but at fraction of the price $68.

I did ask my dentist abt the tray and he said that like the professional dentist system, Clever white is designed to whiten the front teeth where it matters. It does not matter if it does not stretch the entire length.

Also, there is no need to spread the whitening gel because once you put the tray on your teeth, the contact of the tray with the teeth will spread the gel nicely and evenly. It least that works for me.

Hope that helps!


Post by Hothothot » Sat, 19 Feb 2005 1:18 am

most of these products in the market don't work. The only thing that did was the good advertising. :)
If you really want, i suggest u go for teeth whitening. There's bright smile and what have u. However it takes quite long
Actually there's one that's only 12 minutes -20 minutes.... Effects are just as good that bright smile if not better... and the best thing is it doesn't cause any sensitivity unlike the previous technology. It costs about 900-1000 though....

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