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Buying a 2nd Hand bike.

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Buying a 2nd Hand bike.

Postby MrBear » Thu, 31 May 2012 12:21 pm

Hi all,

I might be jumping the gun a little bit here but I'm trying to get all my ducks lined up, I'm half way through my 2b lessons and thought its about time i start compiling the information i need now so when i get my Licence I don't' run out and make some school boy mistake.

I think i have got a pretty good idea of the bike's I'm looking to get, I'm planing on doing my daily commute of 9k and maybe a bit of weekend but not much as Wife won't be on back with me.

Looking for a 2nd hand Bajar 180 or 200 or something like a YBR that I'm learning on. I've also got a few shops close to my work in UBI where I will be getting a decent jacket and maybe some boots.

the things I'm getting stuck on are:

Insurance, better to go via a Broker or direct. the Direct ones I've found seem to be asking for 2 years driving exp, anyone got any recommendations.

Buying the bike, I see advert for the bike i like. Some direct and some at dealers. Being a complete beginner in the bike world I've got only a basic understanding of what to check. In the UK you can get someone like the AA to come along and check out the bike for you at a cost, is there such a thing here?

Also any advice experienced bikers can offer would be great.


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Postby taxico » Thu, 31 May 2012 2:36 pm

i've never heard of inspection centers checking motorcycles (i know they offer car checks), but who knows - it may exist...

i don't think you should expect any seller (dealer/owner) to be completely honest about used cars and bikes... i've bought complete lemons before despite being a little bit mechanically-inclined. repair jobs in singapore/asia seem to hold up well until the vehicle is sold... to me!

i know some motorcycle work shops offer to check out your potential ride for free (i'm a regular but perhaps you can proffer to have them service the bike too if their inspection is satisfactory) so visit a few and ask.

some bikes were designed to be ridden to death and back and they'll still work with minimal maintenance or repairs. 2 such bikes spring to mind - the suzuki GN125/250 (japan made models) and the ever reliable honda cub.

i have no experience with the pulsar - but if i'm not wrong, it's an indian import and i see plenty of them around so i think they are cheap to maintain/repair.

if i were you, i would consider buying something fairly new so that i know mechanically, it should not let me down. perhaps even some warranty may be available.

insurance - you can always shop around. my friends have bought NTUC insurance as newly minted riders so i know they are always available but if you're looking to save some bills i would shop around to get the best quotes.

finally, there's a bike forum in singapore - you might get more help there.

good luck and be safe on the roads.

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Postby franky-MS » Wed, 06 Jun 2012 11:53 am

there are a couple of things you might check on your own, even without beeing a mechanic.
indeed, a used bike is not so complicated to check as e.g.: a car.
If you use the internet searchmaschines writing "how to inspect a used motorbike" shows you even with pictures, how to check the steering heads, forks, or the rear lagers...

For myself the most important is to guess, if the bike was sliding or crashed before...

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Postby Grumpy77 » Wed, 06 Jun 2012 4:50 pm

Any of the good bike shops will do a pre-purchase inspection for a fee. I know Unique Motors does. Only problem is getting the bike to the shop for the inspection.

There was a thread here about a year ago that discussed insurance for bikes in detail. You can try to search if you want to see recommended companies.

There is also a very active biking forum with lots of advice, suggestions, and what-have-you. Give it a look, I bought my CB400 out of the bikes for sale section as the shops will always have a margin added (and a bit of a warranty to offset it...).

Register and drill into the forums section for a wealth of info.

Safe rides!

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