Set up a company on DP (in addition to employment with LoC)?

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Set up a company on DP (in addition to employment with LoC)?

Post by sweetflea » Wed, 23 May 2012 9:12 pm

There is so much conflicting info around, rules seem to change or be grey so I'm hoping to get some solid advice for those of you who may have been through it! :)

Two parts to the puzzle. First, I have been offered a contract position at a client. Second, my husband (EP) and I (DP) wish to set up a consulting company to possibly bring further contractors/consultants to the client. I don't have to contract myself out under our own company (can get LoC) so I'm thinking of treating them as two separate issues.

I have read all about the different visa options and contacted various companies that offer set-up services but cannot get a straightforward answer! These are my thoughts so far:

Some companies say my husband can set it up and be the local director but it clearly states in his MoM visa (not his employment contract) that he is to not engage in any other business, so I'm assuming he's out. These companies also offer temp "local director" services while I await my EP (sponsored by my own company which seems chicken-and-egg?!) to then be able to contract myself out (and run the company)? But I'm assuming EP is not guaranteed so 3-4K SGD is a lot to shell out if I don't get it approved (plus don't have time to wait as client wants to hire me ASAP). Also, not sure how complicated if I start work myself on DP LoC, set up company, switch to EP this is UNDESIRABLE OPTION.

Would prefer not to try the EntrePass route as, although we would definitely hope to, not guaranteed we'll be able to hire locals; also, seems like this route would take even longer and again, not sure how it would work if I start on DP LoC, set up company, switch to EntrePass this is UNDESIRABLE OPTION.

So far, this seems like the best route as I keep reading bit and pieces that a DP can set up a company but no solid evidence or clear answer from any of these companies I have asked. So my big question...

If I obtain an LoC and start contracting at the client, am I also able to set up a company on the side?

Thank you so much in advance!

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