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Change of employer EP Application (Please Advise Thanks)

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Change of employer EP Application (Please Advise Thanks)

Post by cooltool12 » Thu, 17 May 2012 4:48 pm

Hi Guys,

I have been constantly reading these forums and found them to be very useful. I am from India. I did my O levels from SG I am in hr and qualified masters from uk recognised university. I came to Singapore 1 and a half year back and was with company A on Q1 pass for 1 year after that this Jan i joined company B and then joined company C in May. I have a better offer and a title from company D now and looking to apply for EP with them. i was earning 4K with company C now my offer is 5K from company D I know MOM looks really bad on job hopping but I have around 6 years in the industry and still within the industry.

I am currently on EP with company C so i guess even if the Ep from Company D gets rejected I am still on the safe side. I will just keep on working for company C. I understand this is very wrong and should not have been the way being in hr myself I made some wrong decisions and definitely looking forward to working long term with company D if given the opportunity.

Company D wants to apply for my ep. What are my chances? i will really appreciate your help and suggestions Thanks

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