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Where have you vacationed since living in Singapore?

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Post by nakatago » Thu, 03 May 2012 3:09 pm

Maybe that's why they dumped convicts into this remote, dark and unknown land. They figured the world isn't really flat and this is the next best thing to putting them on a boat and letting it fall off the edge of the earth.

Of course, these people would then later on give us dancing Wolverine, money with transparent portions and WiFi among other things.

I guess when you're in the middle of nowhere, your mind starts to wander off. :P
"A quokka is what would happen if there was an anime about kangaroos."

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Post by JR8 » Thu, 03 May 2012 3:30 pm

Exactly, it must have been like being sent to another planet (and that's if you survived the voyage)...

The court records are fascinating. Justice was tough back then, you'll see people being caught stealing goods worth $1 and getting hung for it three days later. Steal a loaf of bread and get 'transported' (sent to Australia)... ... 17180530-4

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Re: Where have you vacationed since living in Singapore?

Post by BigSis » Thu, 03 May 2012 7:43 pm

standingroomonly wrote:What relatively nearby (let's say under 5 hour flight time) places have you vacationed since living in Singapore? With kids or without kids

Bali and Thailand seem to be a reasonable flying distance... What islands/places have you found to be interesting or beautiful?


Koh Lanta - really enjoyed it. I believe it is a bit more popular than when we went about 7-8 years ago (there wasn't a proper road back then). Lovely sunsets over the Phi Phi islands.

Railay - very picturesque part of Thailand - I also liked Ao Nang. Railay is quite expensive to stay on but a lovely spot.

Phuket - always preferred the south of the island - Nai Harn Beach, Kata are faves with us. Avoid Patong with kids - probably best to go there with a group of adults if you want to stay there.

Koh Hae - Coral Island just off Phuket - the resort is a bit run down but the sand and snorkelling are great (not affected by the monsoon waves, but the boat trip over there would be!).

Koh Samui - Didn't like it - it seemed a bit seedy, but there are some lovely hotels and resorts there.

Kao Lak - Only been once - it was OK, we were a bit further north than the main bit so it was quite quiet.

Bangkok - I like Bangkok, busy, noisy, vibrant and cheap!


Cameron Highlands - nice scenery, cool weather, but the towns could do with a bit of TLC. Some interesting hotels if you've got the cash.

Desaru - grotty and run down and nothing to do there, nowhere to go - they should change the name to Desolataru

Tioman - nice snorkeling - we went in October which is a bit late in the season but it was quite nice. The Berjaya resort is generally thought by most people I know to be a bit of a rip off - 3 star resort with 5 star prices, but it wasn't too bad when we were there. We flew from the old Seletar airport (I think they go from Changi now), you can also go by road and boat from Mersing.

Cambodia - Siem Reap is the only place we've been. We quite liked it there, friendly people, cheap food. We didn't do justice to our temple ticket - we'll have to go back one day.

Macau - Interesting place, but it was very smoggy when I went. Some nice architecture and some casinos if you like that kind of thing. It was about 4 hours flight from here I think.

Lombok - didn't like it. The island has some lovely scenery but every time you walk anywhere you just get hassled by everyone (restaurants would offer a free pick-up service to and from your hotel to try and get people in because they know they're not going to walk there!). The Gili Islands are nice though - if I went again I'd head there rather than staying on Lombok itself.

Bintan - only been to the resorts. I don't know if I'd go again - they're expensive and there's nowhere to go and sightsee around there.

.......and I think that's about it from me. All trips apart from Bangkok and Macau were with my kids

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