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Post by laalaalaaa » Tue, 01 May 2012 11:41 pm

Hi everyone, im new in this forum.

I have being a reader over that PS in thailand hatyai. I have read many positive reviews regarding Dr Nara and his skills and untd that majority are happy their new nose with him.
Im jus wondering how are you guys doing after so many years down the road? Are you still happy with the nose Dr Nara "give" to you? Any case where by you suddenly have infection/extrusion or any that did once(first and last) with him, didnt have any revision and have it with you for almost or more than a year and etc etc? Do share! Im really curious about it and im considering to have a rhinoplasty done later this year. I jus wan to have a nice bridge frm the side and a define "seperator" btw my eyes. I have a button nose.. No bridge to start with...

Anw you can also share your exp here even if yours is not done by dr nara as long as its in hatyai :)
Thanks and appreciate everyone who take their time to share!

Good day peeps :)[/img]

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Post by tynant » Sun, 20 May 2012 2:18 pm

Hi lalalaala,

I've done chin augmentation with Dr.Nara last year June. I am very pleased with the overall procedure. If you are looking for something extreme, Dr. Nara may not be an option for you. He would probably do something which blends in more to your overall feature. I took a week off from office and when I returned, everyone thought I look so much better. No one realised I went for a surgery (grin)... The clinic looks a bit run down, but I think it is ok, I am paying for his skills, not the atmosphere. Hope my experience helps..


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Post by xizz » Sat, 21 Sep 2013 1:30 pm

hi i just came back from Dr nara clinic. I did lipo on my love handles & nose filler. i was quite upset bout his attitude. cos he did not put numbing cream first before he inject my nose. it was so painful & i let out some weeping sound. after when he finish, he even let out a fustration sound "arghhhh" i thought as a doc he should let me know the steps before he starts doing treatment on patients. when about to start my lipo, he only told me that i cannot make him nervous. what the hell.... im very upset. when the lipo was done half way, i was awake & i was shivering, i told the nurses but they dun even bother to cover me with a layer of blanket. all i heard is their laughters & chatting. when everything is finished, dr nara did not even review or check on me. and i was send off to the main entrance.
yes he is a well known doc but he is totally not caring at all towards his patients. he is treating me like slicing meat. maybe due to the price we paying. who knows there are people died there but not disclosed.
its a horrible experience.

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