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PR Application rejected 2 times and wife feels upset..

Relocating, travelling or planning to make Singapore home? Discuss the criterias, passes or visa that is required.
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Post by abc123xyz » Thu, 11 Jul 2013 11:24 am

sundaymorningstaple wrote:mmddyy, if you were rejected, it doesn't really surprise me.

Why? Because you didn't bother to read the whole thread. Had you done so, you would have known that the original poster is no longer able to post here as he has been banned for deleting all the text from his posts, thereby causing the thread to be rendered useless as a reference tool for any newbies to the board. Only by our moderator's speedy intervention and some luck with search engines and cached pages, they were able to restore it after his account was locked.

You obviously haven't read enough threads here as you found one thread that said something that you like but unfortunately, the majority of threads here have NOT turned out like our abuser, Butterdogpoppycrap.
Sorry for bringing up such an old post

Why is he an abuser? I've read the thread and found missing links in the story, is anyone able to provide with a clearer picture?

Please scold me gently and don't get upset!

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