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Post by nakatago » Mon, 23 Apr 2012 3:40 pm

sundaymorningstaple wrote:
aster wrote:
zzm9980 wrote:One time, I gave a taxi driver $10 on an ~$8.60 charge. I told him to keep it. He said "no no", and insisted on giving me at least a $1 back. True story, and yes, this was in Singapore.
I think today that scenario would be as rare as asking a cabbie to take you to Orchard Road and having him turn around to you and ask, "where is that?" :)

That did happen, or damn close to it. My wife and I with a couple of overnight bags & suitbags caught a Taxi at our flat and told the taxi driver we wanted to go to the Fairmont Hotel. (a staycation for our 25th Anniversary - 3 years ago) He didn't know where it was. In fact, then told him it was in Raffles City. He still didn't know which hotel it was and I literally had to instruct him how to get there. All things are still possible here!
Like that rant post I did several months ago. From NUH, I got a cab. Told the cabbie I needed to go to some building inside NUS. Cabbie said he didn't know and started driving--WITHOUT ASKING ME FIRST--saying he'll take me back to the city.

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