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Post by Richardnnn » Wed, 04 Apr 2012 5:09 pm

Are you pretty, charming and looking for something that pays you $8000/month to have an enjoyable time?If selected, you can be one of our models in Singapore. Not only are you paid to have a great time, but you have the choice to accept or reject each individual assignment. Of course, the more you take on, the more you get paid. The opportunity of revenue is limitless and the choice is all yours. You will not be stuck on the 9am to 5pm job anymore; instead you work only when you feel like it. Not to mention your job is all about having fun!

However, do take note of the following qualities that we're looking for.

- Pretty / Cute / Sweet Looking
- Sociable / Outgoing
- Well Groomed
- Able To Converse Well
- Able To Have A Good Time
- Versatility At Handling Different/Difficult Social Situations/Assignments
- Intelligent / Smart (Bonus!)
- Hardworking (Bonus!)
- Loves to Travel (Bonus!)

Sounds like an escort service! Anyway, poster has been banned.


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