Audio Engineer/Audio-Post Production salaries in Singapore

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Audio Engineer/Audio-Post Production salaries in Singapore

Post by gagakbusuk » Sun, 18 Mar 2012 7:04 pm

Hello guys,

I'm a Sound Designer and Audio Engineer working in the TVC Industry in Jakarta, Indonesia. I came often to Singapore since I have families living there. I already have a settle career here in Jakarta, but i'm always interested to move to Singapore since I simply wanted to join my family. It's not some kind of determination that I have to move to Singapore (since I come here very often for visit purpose), but If I have the opportunity to get a job here, why not?

Therefore, I would not ask question about how to get job or how to get in Singapore. But I simply want to ask, what is the average salary of Sound Designer/Audio Engineer/Music Production, basically anything related with the Audio Post Production here in Singapore for either local or expat. I know there are several links that show the average job salaries in Singapore. But if I can get specific answer about the salaries in this industry (especially for those of you who work as an Audio Engineer) i would really appreciate it :)

Thank you in advanced.

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