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Postby the lynx » Mon, 07 May 2012 9:50 pm

True. Getting PR and citizenship is an impossible mission there, if you are not of favourable race AND religion.

It is said that even illegal Indonesian immigrants who got fresh off boats may get the pink ICs, or even blue ICs orchestrated by local MPs who intend to boost his pool of votes by diluting off the growing number of unhappy educated/unfavourable voters in own constitution. (case of 'I let you stay, you vote for me'?). Hence the creeping issue of phantom voters. While I have not seen the former with my own eyes, I am 'almost' convinced by the latter based on leaked statistics by Malaysiakini and Raja Petra.

I guess if it is orchestrated behind closed doors for insignificant group of people, it is easier to pull off than granting a single high-profile figure. Imagine how bloody the pot gets stirred if had the latter went through easily.

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