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Men's suits

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Men's suits

Post by TFNG » Tue, 28 Feb 2012 6:34 pm


In the short time I've been in SG, it has become clear that my light-weight suits are not "light-weight" for SG.

I usually get one or two "top end" (i.e. Brooks Brothers) and the rest are "off-the-rack" suits. A quick survey of the office attire of my office mates indicate the "off-the-rack" suits are what I need.

Being an over-sized westerner (6' 100Kg), where should I go to buy suits?

Should I stay away from the Indian/Chinese made-to-order tailor shops or are they value for money?

What should a good mid-range suit cost?

Would it be better to go cheap and throw the suit out after a year or spend more and keep it for the normal two to four years?

Read a bunch of postings on this forum dealing with men's suits but most were at least three or more year old.

What about shirts?

Any and all recommendations/comments/suggestion and even criticism welcomed....



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Post by JR8 » Tue, 28 Feb 2012 7:23 pm

Charles Tyrwhitt shirts. 'Proper' Jermyn Street quality and cut, and fantastic customer service (all weary SG shoppers should have a look at the returns policy as an example of how to win loyal customers!).

From £100 for 4 'proper' business shirts, you're never going to beat that quality at that price anywhere in Asia... (as a starting point use/browse the UK site, as I suspect the US one might be more expensive).

re: the suits. Well, I'll let the usual bunfight over that commence :)

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Post by Strong Eagle » Tue, 28 Feb 2012 7:44 pm

Good luck in getting an "off the rack" suit... or shirt... in Singapore. Even without size considerations, the Asian body is different than the Caucasian body, and you will be hard pressed to find something that works. If you want to try this route, that would be the major department stores... Isitan, Takashimaya, maybe Robinsons... maybe Marks Spencer.

For custom made: Dodgy name - Christian Armani - in the Far East Plaza shopping center at 14 Scotts Road. Excellent fitting and excellent tailoring. I've tried four different places... none are as good as this one. Ask for Dave. You could offer to buy me a beer and see some of their work in person. :) :D

As for costs - shirts made of teflon cotton will come in around S$120, $30 to $40 less for cheaper fabric. Also depends on "customization"... I have different colors for the insides of colors and cuffs. You might get as low as S$60 for single fabric color and lower end fabric. But... what the hell... if you are going custom, why get a shirt that looks like you bought it at Walmart?

Suit prices are really dependent upon the fabric. Expect to pay between $400 and $900, depending upon fabric, for one suit jacket and two pair of pants. More if you want the vest.

You can find cheaper outfits than Christian Armani... they do their own cutting and sewing... others farm the work out to Batam... harder to control quality. And I have to tell you... I really don't like the Indian tailors... mainly because if you are a white expat, it is impossible to walk past a shop without a, "hello sir, may I interest you in a suit?" I just refuse to deal with someone who has seen me every two weeks for three years (that's where I get my hair cut) and still asks me this asinine question every time I walk by.

I'd opt for the more expensive route. Better fabrics hang better and look better... and last longer. I paid $600 for my suits... they look good after five years... and I can stuff them in a suitcase, fly to Melbourne, hang them up, and in an hour or two, no wrinkles... ditto my shirts... telflon cotton are excellent if you travel... minimal wrinkles.

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Post by Brah » Sun, 10 Feb 2013 11:34 am

Thanks for your telling your unfortunate experience, it all helps the rest of us, too bad that it was at your expense.

I have a local tailor who I think does good work, PM me if interested.

I haven't bought an off the rack suit in years, but then again I rarely wear them any more.

My former tailor used to travel from HK to Japan and do a monthly fitting, then bring the suits on he next trip out. But that was a long time ago and when it made sense to buy things out of Japan. I also used to buy shirts from the same guy, it made economic sense to do so.

SE is right, it's hard to find the right off the rack shirts here, but I know one brand that fits me well, so I just buy those. They're cheaper than my tailor's though not always as nice.

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