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Reflections at Keppel Bay - Any Comments?

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Post by zzm9980 » Fri, 24 Feb 2012 11:50 am

uscate wrote:Interesting you should make that comment zzm - our house here in the Boston area was built in 1954, which makes it "kind of oldish, but not really old in the coolest sense of the word." But it is all fairly newly remodeled inside.

I think what is skewing our perspective toward "newish," (meaning just built or recently built) condos here in Singapore is that fact that we're looking for amenities like a well-stocked, fully air-conditioned gym (really important), as well as updated kitchen and bathrooms, and these didn't necessarily seem to be part and parcel of some of the older places we saw.

Plus, we have the advantage of my SO's work giving him what we consider a really nice housing stipend, so we're able to look at a different kind of place than we would if we were paying our own rent (and also paying for 2 mortgages back home!).

Soooooo....we are looking at newer for those reasons. But then again, we also really like the feel of older neighborhoods, and enjoy trying out of the way restaurants and food stalls - a bit of a contradiction, but what we'd really like is a brand spankin' new condo in the middle of a funky older neighborhood like Siglap....or, something walking distance to the water.

I just looked at the Pasir Ris area - saw The Trumps which you mentioned. That area looks great, as we visited the Siglap area and really enjoy it. My concern is that I thought I read somewhere that the Singapore Air Force parks its planes in that area? Doesn't that make the whole Pasir Ris area something of a flight path nightmare??

Anyway, it is late here and I'm rambling, so thank you again zzm and all of you kind responders for all of your great suggestions! Can't wait to make this a reality!!
Singapore is small. You'll hear fighter jets and other aircraft over much of the "near east". If you look at Google maps, you'll see Paya Lebar airbase in the north east. The runway goes SW -> NE, and that is the directions the planes land in. So, follow it in a line south west, and you can draw an exact line of where to avoid if you think that would be a problem. They definitely go directly over Paya Lebar MRT (I work right next to it), so use that as a reference point on your line.

Honestly, working directly under the flight line, it isn't a problem at all. You almost never have air traffic during the evening. It's usually centered around 8am-10am or late afternoon. The only disturbance is when we try to have "coffee meetings" outside. Now, I live in Marine Parade, which is "close", but almost never hear the planes while I'm at home.

Bottom line: don't worry about them.

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Post by uscate » Fri, 24 Feb 2012 11:57 am

Ahhh, Paya Lebar / Pasir Ris....not the same at all, but seeming the same to my jumbled brain.

Thank you for the info on flight paths - a friend of mine rented an apartment near the airport here in Boston "back in the day," and I always remember how her plates would rattle when the planes came in or went out. But we were post college, so who cared??

I feel better now that I have a sense of flight times.

You should write a Singapore relocation resource book!!

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