Advice on Tanglin area

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Advice on Tanglin area

Post by elspike » Mon, 20 Feb 2012 6:12 pm

Hi Guys,

We are relocating to Singapore in about 6 weeks time. I've done some research, but would love some advice from people on the ground. We are looking at condos in the Tanglin / Queenstown and east of Newtown (don't know what that area is called) areas. From what I have read so far, these seem to be fairly well sought after areas due to the proximity of International Schools (we have a 6yo and a 3yo).

5-6k looks like it will get a fairly decent 100sqm 3 bed condo.

I saw the thread about Harbour Views condos which has similar area information so thank you to those who posted there.

My questions:

Are there any developments I should be staying away from?
There seems to be a few bad landlord stories but not many "Hey that was easy". Looking at some of the leading property websites, do I need to be wary of any of the agents or companies that are posting the adverts?
Are there any firms that offer legal advice about tenancy agreements? Sounds like what is in the contract is binding so I'd love to pay for some advice on any suspect clauses etc.

Thanks for any advice you may offer.

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Post by Brooklynjenn » Tue, 28 Feb 2012 9:06 pm

Most of the condos I visited were privately owned, not a developer. You need a good agent to screen out bad landlords. I'd say they are all individuals, you can get lucky or not. I found that the real estate ads were often bait and switch. Either the agent didn't even have the listing, or they advertise a great price and then you visit and oh, sorry, that unit is taken.

Try finding an agent with more experience and a wider net of connections. Stick with one or two to do the screening so you don't have to deal with the dishonesty yourself. I found it incredibly frustrating to answer ads myself.

Sorry but I don't know any lawyers, but I do think it is smart to consult one. Then again, being a lawyer myself maybe I am a little biased. We had our company lawyers advise us. Maybe a resource is available to you through your company's legal? We are with a MNC.

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