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what to do after LLB law from uk

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what to do after LLB law from uk

Post by vkoo1028 » Thu, 26 Jan 2012 9:01 pm

hi. I'm a malaysian and now doing my LLB in the Uk. Not a famous university.
Univery sity of Hertfordshire.

I would like to work in Singapore in a later time, but I don't know what I can do ? I googled the job in Singapore, a lot jobs, including the non-lawyer job also required the so called PQE.

I actually have few options which I dont know which one to choose.
1.) a master in law from hertfordshire as well, wit the thought that it give me more opportunity in singapore. After the research, it seems like not the case at all. I'm not qualified for most of the job even with a master

2.)study master in finance and legal governance from hertforshire, get a master degree as well as fresh graduate ICSA status.

The reason of choosing Hert is the cheaper course fee. Is it really make a big difference if Im from uni of liverpool ?

I don't plan to be a lawyer in Spore, my purpose is just to get a job and start my career there, msia is always my last choice.

Can anyone please tell me, what job i can get in singapore with the above qualification? Also, I'm a malaysian, this is always a big problem, not sure if i can get PR without any working experience ? As a lot job, ie company secretary, the most basic requirement is sporian or PR.

I hope can get some useful and honest opinion. Appreciate much

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