Accomodation help and advise please

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Post by thismyvoice » Wed, 08 Feb 2012 11:30 pm

There will be honest landlords and there will be dishonest ones. You just have to learn how to protect yourself.

Nowadays there are many foreigner owned properties. My brother's landlord is a PRC Chinese. The one before that was also a PRC Chinese. The transaction was carried out through an agent. You don't even get to see the landlord's face to make proper assessment.

If you still don't feel safe ...befriend a lawyer.


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Re: Accomodation help and advise please

Post by stiwi » Thu, 16 Feb 2012 9:42 pm

PrimroseHill wrote:I am wondering if you guys can help provide some advise as to places/apartment/areas we should be looking at.

The condo/apartment needs to be:

1. near public transport - MRT, buses
2. commutable to OFS/Dover Court
3. commutable to Harbour Front
4. with supermarkets and coffee places nearby.

All suggestions are much appreciated
Caribbean at Keppel Bay would tick all boxes for you. If you can afford it, I would recommend it. Especially now where you have nice choice of having an evening stroll to either Marina, Sentosa or recently opened seafront boardwalk leading towards Labrador Park. It's pretty quiet here too.

But as others said expect to pay approx. $6k for 3-bedroom ranging at 1315 sqft.

As for beds, you can get them at Tangs, Courts, Robinson, IKEA, check also Asian king sized beds are few inches shorter than european standards. Get used to it or pay premium. Get yourself loyalty card at Tangs, as far as I remember you get it for free when you spend at least $150. This card earns you 6% on your spend which you can redeem on next purchase. It saved me a lot.

For Service Apartment I can recommend Lanson place, although expensive. But you won't find anything cheaper same size centrally located. You can check - they are running some promotion now but obviously their apartments are smaller.

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Post by PrimroseHill » Fri, 17 Feb 2012 10:31 pm

sti, thank you. Carribean is definitely on our list. Service Apartment wise we are looking at from the LMB thats advertised here on the expat forum.
Thank you for the link to the bed places.

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Post by PrimroseHill » Fri, 24 Feb 2012 5:35 pm

There maybe a slight change of plans slightly. Hopefully, you can help and offer me some advice.

It may transpire that I will come out to Spore much sooner and daughter may come out for the Easter holidays. Husband and daughter will relocate latest in July after school breaks up unless his work in SIN requires him to start earlier.

So, in view of that and after much discussion, I am thinking about renting a self Service Apartment -1 bedroom. Any suggestions? Reason for this, as daughter will be spending most of Easter holidays with me then she flies back to London and end of April I have to be back in London for work purposes anyway, so, a smallish place is perfectly suitable. Saves money too.

Then coming to the 3 bedroom place. We will still look at Carribean but husband isn't that keen on the rental prices. So, we need to be near HarbourFront Avenue for work, whilst for my daughter she is either going to go to SAIS (near campus) or OFS. We need a 3 bed place, near amenities like MRT, buses, coffee places, hawker centers etc. But needing to be further out so that the $$ goes much further. Any suggestions?

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