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Epicanthoplasty & other surgical procedures (ADVICE)

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Epicanthoplasty & other surgical procedures (ADVICE)

Post by ohlaohla » Tue, 27 Dec 2011 2:19 pm

Advices and helps from past experiences greatly needed.

For those who have done epicanthoplasty:
1) Will it make the look appear older? or fiercer?
2) Does it give rise to doll-like eyes or just wider eyes?
3) Do you experience keloid/hypertrophic scar formations?
4) Is one week recovery enough?

About Keloid/hypertrophic scars:
1) How to reduce the chances of it occurring after surgeries?
2) Can we apply silicon-based gel on the freshly created surgical wounds to minimize the occurrence?
3) Does using self-dissolving stitch increase the chances of such scar formations as compared to those cut away stitch?

Fat transfer to laughline/face
1) Currently, I have fillers but it wear off quite an amount so I m thinking of using facial fat to prolong the result unlike fillers which tend to wear off after sometimes ...Anyone has experiences? What is the downtime and is it safe to put in the fat even some fillers remain in the face area?

1)Everyone has been talking about surgically created dimples, what about removing surgically created dimples...?
I have two dimples created but would like to remove one... is about 6 months since the creation... any recommendations to remove it?

Those who have experiences, kindly input here... I'm sure others who have the same doubts as me will APPRECIATE! Cheerios people :D

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