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Doppelganger anyone !?

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// Real Treat \\

Doppelganger anyone !?

Post by // Real Treat \\ » Mon, 29 Nov 2004 1:51 pm

This story was experienced by a friend of mine who lives in Tampines. He stays near EVSS He stays at at blk 400+. Real blk is not disclosed to prevent residents from getting scared.

This incident happened on a Thursday nite. My friend had just came back from tuition class. It was around 10.30 pm. My fren was feeling tired as he had a long day, but he had to wait for his mother because he had forgotten to bring the house key.

When his mom finally arrived he realised that it was already 11 pm. As they were going up the lift, my friend told his mom that whenever the lift is nearing the 5th floor he would feel uneasy.

Then his mom said,"DO I LOOK LIKE UR MOTHER?".Then his "mother" started laughing hysterically that my fren started to feel like fainting.

The lift door suddenly open and he rushed out of the lift without looking back.when he reached his home he found his real mother waiting for him."where have u been?i have been waiting for u since 10 pm",his mom said.

When my fren told me his story, I suddenly remembered what one of my chinese frens had told me. It seemed that according to the Chinese the number 4 actually means 'die'. Perhaps that was where my friend got the scary experience.

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