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Post by nutnut » Wed, 30 Nov 2011 9:51 pm

BillyB wrote:
nutnut wrote:
beppi wrote: You have never taken a taxi in Bangkok or Jakarta - otherwise you wouldn't complain any more.
Does the fact I've taken a taxi somewhere or not change the fact I should complain about a taxi driver putting the lives of my kids at risk? No it doesn't, what an absurd comment. And yes I have taken a taxi in both Jakarta and Bangkok and if the OP was asking about those countries I'd tell him.
beppi wrote: You have never worked in Thailand or China - otherwise you wouldn't complain any more.

Come down from your cultural high horse!
Well whoop-de-doo, you've worked elsewhere other than your home country and Singapore, it obviously makes you feel very important. I have never worked in Thailand or China, you are absolutely right, are they nice?

I am trying to give the OP information that they may find useful in the future. That is what was asked for. Not such a problem is it?

Anyway, to the OP, life in general is very, very good here. :)
Listen to Marco Polo telling you how to run your family!
Maybe I should give him some travel tips....

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