Can a house owner enter rented room freely?

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Post by ecureilx » Sat, 29 Oct 2011 10:42 am

sundaymorningstaple wrote:I think the topic is about room rental and without landlord/agents. The Group name just happens to be the name and who the group mainly caters to. You, know, like Singaporean who frequent this forum, although it's an "expat" forum.......

Or are you suggesting we do some housecleaning here? :???:
Well, just to keep the thread on track is good :D :D (I am a culprit too, at times ... letting the talk go off track ... )

x9200: well, I wonder if the poster ngad0003 accepts Anglo Indians, American Indians ... *or Indian Americans* :D :D

Good catch ..

Indians / Indonesians .. both go as Indo, at times ... Like Indo-China War refers to Indian/China War ..

maybe ngad0003 has a liking for Indians, after all...

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