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Infant care centre in Bukit Timah area

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Infant care centre in Bukit Timah area

Postby fushiav » Fri, 16 Sep 2011 12:39 pm


Can anyone recommend a baby childcare centre for our little girl (6 months old)? We live in the Bukit Timah area.

Many thanks


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Postby Mercutio » Wed, 19 Feb 2014 11:19 pm

I shall try my luck and bump up this two year old post.

My wife and I are currently looking for an infant care center, ideally around Bukit Timah, for when our child turns 6 months old.

So far we've checked out:
Rosy Hearts at Lorong Pisang Batu and Babies Inc/Casa Montessori at Horse City.
Here's our short summary: At Rosy Hearts we liked the manager/owner who seemed passionate and caring. The place was also immaculately clean and they even had a huge air purifier (important when the haze strikes again!). We didn't like that the space appears rather crammed which is due to the fact that the center is located in a landed property.
At Babies Inc, we liked the set-up: infant care is divided into two large rooms on the same level. One quiet room is for the sleeping babies, the other one for active development. The infants are moved according to whether they are sleepy or whether they feel like exploring. When we visited a number of infants were napping, while one of the attendants gave them a light massage - very good service! What we liked slightly less about this place was the level of cleanliness.

Can anyone share first-hand experience for infant care for these two centers? Or are there other recommendations for infant care around the Bt Timah area?
Thanks! :)

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Postby Mercutio » Thu, 17 Apr 2014 3:53 pm

We've finally settled for an infant care center.
In addition to Rosy Hearts and Babies Inc (both described previously), we subsequently visited the new Learning Vision center at Hwa Chong Institution (i.e. along Bt Timah Road as well). We have now secured a spot at Learning Vision, but only for January 2015 intake.

It was a tough choice, but here are some factors that made us choose the Learning Vision at Hwa Chong:
1) brand new center, so all the equipment and facilities are top-notch and up-to-date
2) because it's so new, the caretaker-to-infant ratio is still fairly low (this might of course change in due time)
3) very easy access to drop off and pick up our child by car
4) during our visit, caretakers seemed very engaged with the children and actively SPEAKING with them.

Two things we didn't like so much were:
1) Because the center is brand new, the rooms have a fair bit of chemical/ new laminate smell. But I hope this will go away over time.
2) The center stretches over two floors (infant care downstairs, toddler and childcare upstairs), which gives it a lot of space. However, the rooms for the infant care seemed rather small (especially compared to the amount of space at Babies Inc!). I guess this a drawback once the little ones start walking - there isn't really that much space for them to walk around before they move on to toddler care.

In terms of pricing: we didn't notice much of a difference between Babies Inc, Rosy Hearts, and Learning Vision. The only thing is that there is apparently a discount for MOE-employees who enroll their child at Learning Vision at Hwa Chong (this didn't apply to us).

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