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Sub Ordinate Courts of Singapore/Civil Case

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Sub Ordinate Courts of Singapore/Civil Case

Postby Somtam » Wed, 24 Nov 2004 9:26 pm

Hi all,

Does anybody have experience with the Sub Ordinate Courts of Singapore?

My ex-neighbour has sued me for "Publication of defamatory material" and will enter interlocutory judgement with damages to be assesed.

The following has happened many months ago:

There is one of these anti-social neighbour's, living at the second floor - we wereliving at the 5th - who is making a lot of noise and when people confront him and/or request to tune down the volume, he starts acting very aggressively and using abuse, vulgar, racial-discriminating language. This was going on for many months.

In the night of 12 to 13 July the noise (music) was so much that again we could not sleep. Already we (many neighbors) had requested the guards and the condominium management to take some action, but nothing happened sofar. That night I went to the guard house and asked two guards to come with me and to knock on the neighbour's door. Very loud music was coming from his unit and his daughter's unit. The level of music was like one was standing in front of a discotheque. While from both units came loud music, in the daugther's unit nobody was home, as she was visiting her parents.

When the guards knocked on the door, there was a very loud discussion. It was after midnight and neighbour and daughter did not want to tune down the music. He was acting aggressively and dangerous.

After this night the condominium management finally went to the police because they finally realized that this problem might end with serious results.
This wa ofcourse not the only issue. Many neighbors have been in fights the neighbour before. The police also have visited our condominium several times as well.

Many times the bass vibration was so bad that the windows were vibrating and that the remote controls at our table were moving. Even people on the 10th floor have complained about the noise.


After when the condominium management had a meeting with the Queenstown NPC (= police) they informed me. I wrote a letter to the neighbours to advise them to call the Queenstown NPC in case they were being disturbed by the neighbour. Everything I wrote in this letter was really true. It was just a matter of facts and I had many witnesses.


Neighbour's daughter is lawyer. So, it is not surprising that they would do whatever they can within the law.
Now he is suing me for injurying his "good name and reputation in the neighboorhoud". He claims $S 15,000 + lawyer costs.


Mid-September 2004 my assignment was going to be ended. I did not want to spend any money on the claim of my neighbour and therefore just hired a lawyer to file a Letter of Defence. The strategy was to file a defence only and after that to return to my home country and not to reply on neighbour's claim anymore. So I told my lawyer to stop working on the case.


A letter of Defence was filed in which my lawyer explained the reasons why I wrote the letter to my neigbours. Furthermore, a counterclaim was added.


In order to make me spend more and more money (lawyer costs), the lawyer of the neighbour asked many particulars and proof about things mentioned in my letter of Defence. Ofcourse, I did not reply on those questions.

Currently, the counterclaim has struck out and my ex-neighbour has the liberty to enter interlocutory judgement with damages to be assesed.


Does anybody know how "fair" the Court is in Singapore and can anybody predict the outcome of such a neighbour-fight?
During interlocutory judgement sessions; does the plaintiff always get what he wants?

I don't have any representative during the case. The only thing I have now is one Letter of Defence.
In fact this is really a "bull-shit case", however, as the neighbour can do this for free, he will fight till the end.


Neighbour fight

Postby Guest » Thu, 25 Nov 2004 12:09 am

Perhaps you could base on the 'Joo Chiat' neighbour's case as a precedence. Not exactly the same problem but somewhat close to it, creating nuisance in the neighbourhood etc.


Postby Guest » Thu, 25 Nov 2004 6:59 pm

Go get a lawyer

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Postby joop » Thu, 25 Nov 2004 7:51 pm

Best to consult your solicitor who would best advise you. Your case seems more complicated. :)
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let me try

Postby lawyer » Mon, 06 Dec 2004 1:02 am

Let me try to answer. Interlocutory Judgment means he has won the case and it only now remains to be determined how much you will have to pay him. Your legal cost alone will come to several thousands adn the damages will depend on how much damage you have done to his reputation.

My advise is NOT to let him take interlocutory judgment if your idea is not to pay him anything.

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Postby LadyVee » Mon, 06 Dec 2004 2:22 pm

I wish you the best of luck Sontam.They're still creating nuisance with loud musics but it has toned down due to better security guards.Although I still have to call the guardhouse to complain...

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Postby forcez5 » Mon, 06 Dec 2004 2:36 pm

why not pour kerosene into their house through the front door....... than set a trip claymore mine outside their door....activation is through a match stick!
the moment you light the match stick and throw it! it will set the house on fire!! once they notice the burning they will rush to the door and out of the house, they moment they ran out of the house they will trip on the claymore mine set by you earlier on, this will cause an EXPLOSION with lots of ball bearing flying!!......thus killing all of them...............from then on we live happily ever after... :lol:

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