Leaving job too soon affect future EP application?

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Leaving job too soon affect future EP application?

Post by sggi » Mon, 22 Aug 2011 4:18 pm

Hi everyone, I am actually following this forum for very long time but only register today because I was still students then, and have no experience at all to contribute. But thanks to forum users like SMS and others through their posts/advice I actually managed to get my own Q1 EP recently.

Some of my background:
I am a graduate from SIM Global biz degree and I am also under obligation to serve tuition grant bond. I've been living in Singapore for 10+ years physically since secondary school. My empoyer intended to apply for SPass initially so they only report the minimum salary but I got Q1. I believe it's because of my tuition grant as I recall from reading the contract that I would secure EP when I get employed with a local company.

The question:
I just got my first ever job after studying here for past 10 years and joined an SME company; they advertised that I would be involved in managing their online/social marketing campaign but in reality they made me do offline sales (coldcall/unsolicited). I'm unhappy as I felt misled and doing something I dislike. I realized also that this is not the type of job I would like to spend next 2 years in. Since I'm unhappy and it's beginning to affect my physical health (long hours and the stress from doing something I dislike). So I'm contemplating to leave the employer after only 1 week, but they are already in process of issuing my EP. I'm to go to the EPSC to collect the pass soon.

If I leave, then I will need to leave the country (and cancel the pass) and look for another job from there. Will my next EP application be tougher to be approved because of the short period of employement?

Another option is I stick it out till I get another job that is willing to apply EP for me, but same problem: will MOM approve such a short term job hop?

I must admit that it is my own desperation to get job as soon as possible since EP requirement is getting stricter that I agreed with the terms without much considerations (I thought I could handle the long working retail hours. Only after I joined then I realize I couldn't). I learnt my lesson here and learn about myself also, at least what I can't do.

I'm also considering to talk to my boss if they could arrange shorter hours and redesign the job, but I think it's unlikely they would agree.

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Post by sundaymorningstaple » Mon, 22 Aug 2011 4:45 pm

Please ensure that you have another job and the AIP BEFORE you quit this job. If that entails getting the EP issued, do so and just deal with the situation. Things are getting harder and harder. If you quit and then start looking, you might be completely unlucky and end up with nothing. At least you will be paying your way if you continue to work until such time as you successfully find another job AND get the in Principle approval. Once you have that, you can quit your current job.
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Post by singaporeflyer » Mon, 22 Aug 2011 6:24 pm

what sms said is perfectly right. Better to secure a new EP/ Approved In Principle letter and then quit the current job. Till then hang on the same job. Better to have something rather than nothing.

Also sometimes we need to adjust. so try adjusting for sometime till you gain some experience also.

Good luck !

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