name & marital status change, ROM, PR/long term pass appln

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name & marital status change, ROM, PR/long term pass app

Post by takeachance » Sun, 21 Aug 2011 11:46 pm

ok here's the deal: my bf and i are of legal age (both above 21). i'm a SPR, he used to work here (spass holder) but now back in our home country with new work (if it matters, he just left 1st qtr this year)

we kinda "eloped" (civil wedding) when i went back to our country mid this year to visit him. well, his parents know but mine don't. not that my parents don't like him, it's just that we wanted to be "settled" financially before we formally inform them. so technically, im secretly married.

bec of this i have not done any changes in my name or in my marital status yet. so this is my first question: which govt agencies, companies, etc do i need to notify of this change? ICA? CPF? my company? MOM? my bank? my telco? my passport (through our embassy)? am i missing anything? if i dont change FOR NOW, will there be any problem (at least for my SPR status)?

next question is, are we still allowed to marry here (ROM) although we're already married. in case we just want to have some "gathering" with our singapore friends. or they won't?

do i have to go through the name and marital status change FIRST before i can try to apply for my husband PR or long term pass (which is applicable anyway?). shouldn't the marriage contract suffice for the said application. -- this application btw is just one of our options in case he'll have difficulty finding work when he comes back to sg.

thank u so much! hope to hear from you guys soon.

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