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The best pathway for my fiancee and I.

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The best pathway for my fiancee and I.

Post by turgurs » Wed, 03 Aug 2011 1:05 pm

Good day, I seek some information on which pathway is best for me and my fiancee. I have searched the forums and learnt a lot but my case seem to be unique and any help is greatly appreciated in understanding my situation completely.

Background Info:
I am a purebred Singaporean male, done NS, etc. I left Singapore 4 years ago after my NS to pursue a degree in Sydney and will be completing it later this year. My fiancee is a PRC that has been in Sydney for the past 7 years (high school > degree in UNSW). I met her 3 years ago and started our relationship and lived together eversince.. we have an apartment rental lease in our names, bank statements mailed to me and her at the same address.. holiday pictures.. greeting cards to each other.. etc.. so this is a genuine relationship and we have evidence to prove it so. Now that we are almost completing our degrees, we are looking to move on to our next phase in life.. and this is where it gets complicated.

1) Her parents uh, invested in a Canadian PR for her family a little more than a year ago and she is now holds a Canadian PR card. Ultimately, her dad wishes for her to drop her PRC citizenship for a Canadian (a process that will take a min of 4 years) and I will be part of that roller-coaster ride.. wee.

2) We will most probably be ROMing in Singapore in Feb next year. There will not be a banquet due to time (she needs to go to Canada asap to start her neutralisation) and I feel obliged to pay for the banquet somewhat (personal view). The purpose of ROMing is to show my sincerity to this relationship to both her and her parents and for *cough*convenience*cough* when I do apply for Canada PR.

3) I plan to come back to Singapore in the distant future (5-10+ years).. cause living overseas has made me realise Singapore is actually quite good place to live in (just too darn hot). If I do have a male child, I will definitely drag him back kicking and screaming to make him go through NS (o the horror).

4) The dad might take this chance to buy a house in Singapore and has hinted that to me since I have expressed my intentions of coming back to Sg. I too, reckon that buying an apartment now could be a good option seeing how HDB resale price might hit 1mil in a decade or something with that 800k DBSS.. and we will have a place to live in when we do come back.

5) Skipping the Canada route is completely out of the question as the dad has invested quite a lot not only for the PR.. but for houses there.

6) I have zero work experience (other than under the table part time work in Syd which I doubt will count in the grand scope of things) and most likely will remain that way for the first 2-3 years in Canada as I will be pursuing another degree to stay there till she can sponsor me for PR.

Advice Needed:
What will be the best path for us to take in terms of our future plans?
a) Will ROMing in Singapore be a good choice?

b) From searching, I understand that ROM > PR is becoming harder and frowned upon now and in addition, considering that she will not be staying in Singapore at all for the next 4 years at least.. I do not think it is wise to even bothering to apply PR at all. Am I right?

c) Which then leads to my other problem.. without her PR, I am still eligible to purchase resale HDB apartments right? Just that I cannot apply for grants right? (I understand the 5 year no rent rule.. but just bear with me so I can completely lay out the rules & regulations for the dad.)

d) At the moment, I apply a visa for her using my SingPass online whenever she comes to Singapore (about once a year). Once we ROM'd.. will this still be the best way for her to get a visa to enter Singapore? Am I stupid to be paranoid to be thinking that this might ever get rejected? I always have that fear when I apply the visa for her :oops:

e) Considering that I am most likely not be looking to get a PR for her, will the LTSVP be a good idea then? Then again, she is not staying long term.. but it will alleviate problem (d) somewhat.. or is there some sort of visa-less pass for her till she get her Canada passport?

f) Once she gets her Canada passport, do we need to report to ICA or something about her change in Citizenship?

g) This could be the wrong forum to ask, but props to anyone who can answer.. Does she need to report to her Chinese ICA or something that she has married? I saw another forum post about another PRC being detained for using fake credentials and their system not reflecting her marital status.. that's so crazy :???: (but yea, I understand this is for her side to settle and it does not need to be answered here)

h) Once we finally decide to come to Singapore.. I understand that this will be in 5-10 years time or something and rules may change by then.. but please bear with me.. Can I apply for her PR prior to coming to Singapore? I think I read somewhere that Saint successfully did this. What implications or issues will I be looking at then? Will I need a Job with X salary in Singapore beforehand? Some sort of Bond to guarantee her? Or can I just do it prior to us coming back?

Any help to answer any of my questions is greatly, tremendously, immensely appreciated.
I want the best for her and I do not want to make any silly mistakes now to implicate our future together.

Thanks again for your time!

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Post by Mad Scientist » Wed, 03 Aug 2011 2:06 pm

:???: :???:
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Post by JayCee » Thu, 04 Aug 2011 12:17 pm

Why apply for Canadian PR if you're intending to come back to Singapore in 5 years anyway? Singaporeans are quick to accuse foreigners here of abusing the system, but it would appear you're intending to do the same thing in Canada.

What's wrong with staying in Australia together until you're ready to move back to Singapore? By that time you'd both have some work experience along with a proven marriage, so moving back to Singapore then should be easier.

Sorry but I don't understand the relevance of Canada just because her old man spend some money buying some houses there, be your own man and do what you want

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Post by taxico » Thu, 04 Aug 2011 2:42 pm

why apply for any LTSVP if she is not remaining in singapore beyond short visits?

IIRC your canadian/australian proof of marriage will suffice in singapore. you need not be married at ROM.

so long as you qualify under HDB's conditions to buy a flat, you can buy it. subject to price and availability, of course.

5-10 years is a long time. things change. take a chill pill!
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