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Post by ksl » Tue, 20 Dec 2011 6:45 pm

kwcm wrote:I had an experience recently with a tailored suit. Problem is that I've never paid for an expensive tailored suit from London before to compare so here are some things which I've noticed which may or may not mean that the quality I've received is not as good as I should expect. Or perhaps they are things i should have specified at the outset, but then again, if you're not someone who knows a lot about suits, how would you know what to ask? Anyway:

- the tailored suit material turned out to be slightly stiffer than I expected. T is could be because of the ironing/pressing. It may also "soften" after a few wears. But the reason I notice this is that I'm always touching the material of suits off the rack at department stores / zegna / boss etc and off the rack always seems to be that much softer to the touch that what I received. My suit was supposed to be super 120s or more, but to be honest, there's no way I can tell if that was what was actually used (does anyone know how I can tell, theres not the usual labels you get from an off the rack).

- the jacket sleeve buttons are much closer to the edge than I've ever seen, and there aren't even fake button hole seams sewn in. I probably could have asked, but given that most off the shelf has button seams sewn in, I would have thought this was standard.

The fitting is definitely better than off the rack, which i guess is the minimum one should expect from a tailored suit. But I think I will need to wear it a few times to really gauge whether it is a well made suit or not.

The point of this? Well I guess if my observations above are not wrong, then another way to see if a tailor is worth taking the risk on is to watch for these things when you're next in a shop and you take a look at the shelf with the completed suits for other customers.
Is this information for locals?
Sounds like your suit came from the starch factory! Careful when you bend :oops:

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