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I am moving to Singapore and know nothing..

Moving to Singapore? Ask our regular expats in Singapore questions on relocation and their experience here. Ask about banking, employment pass, insurance, visa, work permit, citizenship or immigration issues.
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Re: I am moving to Singapore and know nothing..

Post by oaydaniel » Wed, 03 Aug 2011 12:57 am

cognizant wrote:Hey all

So my soon-to-be-wife and I just made the decision to move to Singapore. She's Chinese from KL and I am a Kiwi.

Stumbled across this site and I can see i'm going to be asking a bunch of (dumb) questions and trawling through all the great info on this site, but thought i'd say hello to anyone who may be interested.

Will have to do all the basic things like find a job and somewhere to live.
Particularly interested in what the job market is like at the moment. I have a Post-Grad in Management from Vic Uni here in NZ and am contracting/consulting at the moment (so i'm aware i'm probably going to have to take a massive pay cut to come) and am a qualified Project Manager with particular experience in Finance. I'll start getting my CV out to all the agencies etc when i arrive (there seems little point beforehand by the sounds of it)

Also - hugely keen on music. Whats the Drum and Bass scene like in Singapore? anyone? don't mind a bit of dubstep (proper stuff), breaks etc if push comes to shove. Singapore better have some of this otherwise i'll have to tell the wife the move is off!
I am also a kiwi! My dad got posted here so i moved here with him. i'm 14 years old. particularly theo nly thing that i don't really like is the weather and the annoying accent many people have here haha

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Post by jaisn » Sat, 18 Feb 2012 1:40 am

cognizant wrote:
curiousgeorge wrote:
cognizant wrote: I'm hoping i'll be able to replace my equipment when i come - seems a bit ridiculous to lug turntables over there - is there a major music equipment chain that I can check ahead on?
No, not in Singapore, but there are a ton of specialist places that will sell what you want from turntables to serato etc.

I've used Valentine a lot.

No affiliation, just a happy customer. Remember to ask for a discount ;)
This man speaks the lingo! will prob bring serato and maybe my mixer with me.. so yeah just need some sort of deck. Thinking about the move to CDJs cos of the footprint. I've visited mates in Singapore before and seen how much room one has to work with in your std apartment :-s

Thanks very much for this!!
Did you make the move then? Any feedback advice? I'm moving there in a few months and hoping to bring my turntables, mixer, etc from the US. Not sure if its worth doing with the voltage issues.

I'd hate to leave all my vinyl here. But it could be an excuse to get CDJs.

Glad to hear there is the occassional DnB night!

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