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Living in Singapore with Australian rental properties

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Living in Singapore with Australian rental properties

Post by maureenl » Sat, 23 Jul 2011 7:50 pm

I urgently needed come advise. I am an Australian citizen with an entrepass residency status in Singapore. I have recently bought a positive cashflow property in Australia and would like to secure a loan in Singapore. There appears that there is no issues with the approval proces from the bank.

Question is what sort of tax rate would I have to pay on this property? I assume I pay the income tax in Australia even though I obtain the loan in Singapore and am a resident here? Can I claim depreciation benefits? I am just concern that given high tax rate, the return would be minicure.

What if I was to purchase the property in a non trading company in Singapore? What tax implication would that have?

Can some one recommend a accountant who knows about this?

Please can someone shed some light as I need to settle the finance asap.

Thank you.

What happen to customer of Austpac International in terms of tax?

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