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Questions for SAHMs with live in helpers

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Questions for SAHMs with live in helpers

Post by hapa-girl » Wed, 20 Jul 2011 2:25 pm

Hi guys,

I'm very new to Singapore, we have been here two weeks today. I have three kids (5, 3 and 2 months) and I was going to go ahead with living without a maid because I have done so this far. But I have two issues now that may require lots of help.

One is that we have a dog and are going to be living on the 8th floor so she needs at least 3 walks a day. We used to live in a house with a garden so only one walk was necessary.

Also, my older kids love the pool but its not safe to let them in by themselves, but its also not possible for me to go in with them because of the baby most of the time.

So my husband wants us to look into a live in maid. But since I am a SAHM, there probably won't be that much for her to do. What are your maid's daily schedules? I don't mind getting up and making breakfast for my family and getting the kids ready for school. And the school bus picks them up. Really, she doesn't need to start work until about 8 or 9 to tidy up a bit. I am worried we are both going to be sitting around at lose ends because there is not enough for two adults to do. I feel like I would be giving up my space and my responsibilities. I would much prefer someone to come in everyday in the afternoons but judging from the info on this website, that looks like its not possible.

Also, where does she have her meals, take her breaks etc? At the end of the day, where does she go? Does she just hang out in her room and we pretend there is not another adult in the house with us? This will be my first time so the logistics confuse me a bit.

Thanks for your help. Sorry if these questions sound naive, I am when it comes to helpers.

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Post by Mad Scientist » Fri, 22 Jul 2011 6:51 am

A few of the regulars here have maid. Mary Hatch and K1w1 do have maid , maybe they can help you.
I have not gotten one and my kids (4 of them) all grown up.
Never had one, as I feel maid enroach into my private domain.
I agree with you . My advise if you do not intend to have one is prioritise. We lived in HDB apartment and it works where my wife was like you SAHM.
For the dog thing , apartment is not a best place for dogs. Maybe you should consider private residential like a bungalow or semi-detached if you have the means.
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