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Import Shipping - Customs Clearance, Handling etc.

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Import Shipping - Customs Clearance, Handling etc.

Post by scamelsands » Sun, 21 Nov 2004 10:29 pm

Hi Everyone,
I am moving to Singapore shortly and am in the process of obtaining quotations for the shipment of my furniture and personal effects by sea. It is only a relatively small shipment of around 20 cbm.

Has anyone had the experience of organising all of the land based destination / import handling themeselves or directly with a Singaporean freight company rather than allowing the freight company at the origin to subcontract the work to a Singaporean company (and collect their mark up etc)?

I am finding the import handling, customs clearance and transportation charges at the Singapore end to be horrendously high!

Does anyone have any advice for me? Should I try and do customs clearance myself or employ or local Singapore company to do it for me?

Also, does anyone have any recommendations for storage companies to store my shipment for a few weeks until I find a place to live?.




Re: Import Shipping - Customs Clearance, Handling etc.

Post by Guest » Fri, 10 Dec 2004 10:53 am

The easiest way to do this is to contact Cross Roads - a moving broker - even before you reach and let them find several quotes for your "port to door" shipment.

With the details that you received from your mover shipping items here they will be able to inquire with at least three different movers at once and get the best price for you. They do not charge you for their service.

Handling the documents yourself is not advisable particularly at the seaport. If have tried it at the airport and that was mad enough. or email [email protected]

All the best!

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