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Looking for Workout Buddy / Spotter California Fitness Gym

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Looking for Workout Buddy / Spotter California Fitness Gym

Post by babekoalasg » Fri, 15 Jul 2011 5:27 pm

I've joined California Fitness 2 months ago, though I have seen good result, loss tons of body fat, gained some lean mass. I want better result, greater motivation, I really really need a spotter / workout buddy that keeps each other motivated to push through the final few reps of iron pumping.

About myself:
- I'm 27 years old, female but not your average female gym goer that avoid the weight area (sorry, no disrespect to the ladies). I have long hair, toned, feminine and no way a roid ridden bulky hulk.

- I am very friendly, get along well with everyone, female, male, gay, straight, young and old. I don't discriminate. Great motivator, willing to share, perfect spotter and I know what I'm doing in the weight area.

- I am really really serious with my workout; I frequent the free weight area, cable, barbell, dumbbell machines, smith machines. I lift heavy, no 200 reps of 10 lbs or 2 plates silly stuff like that.

- I always pay attention to my workout buddy, and will know when you need that extra final lifts.

- Passionate about health, fitness, nutrition and supplement.

- I pay attention to my form, I don't believe in carry 50 lbs extra that you do it in sloppy form, may seem good for your ego, but in the long run you'll end up getting yourself hurt.

About you:
- Please don't be newbie, it's no fun to play catch-up, you need a personal trainer not a workout buddy.

- Be serious about your workout and goal

- Don't be flaky, please turn up on time

- No chit chatting. We do get a short break (1-2 minutes) in between sets though, we can chat and have great conversation after our workout.

- Know how to spot, not too much, not too little. Pay attention to yourself & your workout buddy.

- No bad body odor / bad breath

Please PM me and tell me a little about yourself, your workout schedule, your workout program (if you keep a workout log). This is strictly platonic, if you are looking to sell me personal training sessions, looking for sex or anything like that, stay away. You will not hear from me.

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Post by Sergei82 » Thu, 08 Mar 2012 11:27 am

You can meet me in Cali at Raffles - I'm there on workdays starting around 8 pm.

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